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“Working with Pauliina is rewarding. She challenges traditional methods of operation and looks at things with a new and even invigorating perspective. She enjoys supporting people in their endeavours, something I have been fortunate enough to participate in myself.”

Marja-Liisa Weckström
Corporate Affairs Director
Sinebrychoff, part of the Carlsberg Group
“Pauliina is like a thorn in your side; but with her, change and results are bound to happen.”

Jari Varjotie
CEO, Savo-Solar
“In addition to Pauliina being a marketing professional with extensive experience, she is also a fun person to work with”

Pauli Aalto-Setälä
Group CEO, Aller Media Finland


BOSS SAPIENS– Coaching directors and managers towards better leadership
  • How can I lead better?
  • Rise above yourself to be a better boss: Who am I and how do I lead?
  • What kind of supervisor am I?
  • Develop communications: Why is what I say misunderstood?
  • How can I proactively prevent conflicts from occurring?
  • What to do when conflicts arise?
  • How can I learn to deal with things outside my comfort zone?
ID BOOSTER – An intensive workshop for clarifying business identity and marketing collaboration
  • Defining your business – what are we and what are we not?
  • Getting to know your target group inside and out
  • Critical analysis of your marketing communications strategy
  • Building an appropriately scaled collaborative marketing model
  • Project management and production of marketing communications
ID BOOSTER FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – An intensive workshop on the merits of change
  • How to survive in today’s highly competitive education market
  • Transition from resisting change to embracing change
  • How to build efficient win-win business networks
  • Enhance your marketing communications
  • The evolution from teachers to coaches
  • Find your inner entrepreneur/Find your inner salesperson
YOUNIVERSAL – Coaching individuals towards personal growth and goal achievement
  • Who are you now and who do you want to be?
  • How can I make more time for my family and myself?
  • Manage yourself well: control your time, responsibilities and tasks smoothly and effectively
  • Focus on purposeful management of your time
SKILLVILLE – An inspiring marketing course for educational institutions
  • An online course that provides teachers and students with a strong foundation in marketing and sales
  • Makes marketing fun and accessible
  • Helps to clarify your business identity and marketing messages
  • Step-by-step instructions for understanding sales situations and planning and executing sales campaigns in a modern and effective way
SKILLVILLE – An inspiring marketing course for entrepreneurs
  • An online course that provides business owners with a strong foundation in marketing and sales
  • Makes marketing fun and accessible
  • Helps to clarify your business identity and marketing messages
  • Step-by-step instructions for understanding sales situations and planning and executing sales campaigns in a modern and effective way



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Johtajakin on vain ihminen

“Jokainen huippujohtaja tarvitsee itselleen valmentajan”, sanoi eräs huippujohtaja käydessämme power walkilla. Nämä power walkit ovat yleensä noin puolestatoista tunnista kahteen tuntiin kestäviä kävelylenkkejä, joiden…


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Pauliina Airaksinen-Aminoff
Executive Coach I Identity Specialist I Doctoral candidate at Aalto EE
+358 50 357 3549

I am a devoted business identity and leadership coach, working as an expert in the rewarding field of personal transformation. It is my passion to help people embrace change and become more present in their lives and their work. For close to 30 years I have gathered extensive knowledge in the media sector, business world and top-level management. I currently work as a coach and instructor for many different companies, universities, schools and associations – in Finnish, Swedish and English.

I have 20 years of management experience in a variety of businesses and organisations. Time and again I come across the same dilemma: Managers know their company, but not themselves. Many are not aware of their individual strengths and weaknesses as leaders of people. Together with my partner Johanna Rosnell-Varjo, we have developed a path towards personal and professional self-development, used successfully by over 1,000 businesses leaders in Finland and abroad.

My career started with work as a reporter, contributing stories to all of Finland’s top publications. I then made my way into broadcast journalism, where I helped to launch a flagship afternoon show and later become a founding member of a new commercial television channel, as head producer of domestic programming. During this time, I was responsible for producing 240 live broadcasts and carrying out liaison work with Much Music in Canada, where I also led several training sessions. Following this, I worked for the advertising company Taivas and the US digital content producer Razorfish.

I hold a Master’s degree in education and qualifications as a journalist and audio-visual producer. I am currently writing my PhD on management identity and how coaching can have an effect on leaders and their conflict resolution skills.

At the end of the day, my most important coaching role is my work as a mother. I have a 10-year-old daughter and act as deputy mom to my husband’s three children. My family is my refuge and foundation, and they test my leadership skills daily – for which I am infinitely grateful.

Johanna Rosnell-Varjo
Identity Specialist I Time Management Coach I CEO
+358 40 824 2756

I am a marketing and communications professional with a comprehensive understanding of both tradition and digital media and a successful background in steering major marketing campaigns across several business sectors. I am passionate about meeting targets – or even surpassing them – and I enjoy discovering the synergy necessary to create quick and effective processes that provide added value for our customers. For me, 1 + 1 is always more than 2.

My expertise lies in digital marketing and a deeper understanding of unique customer paths. My recent studies to become a licensed vocational teacher have led me to do extensive research into self-management, work attitudes and time management models. I could teach and talk about this last topic in particular for hours. It is the ultimate question: How do we use the precious time that is given to us?

Anni Ringbom
Web AD I Partner in Skillville
Ioanna Mavromichalis
Concept Designer I Brand Specialist I Copywriter I Partner in Skillville
Tommi Rosnell
Videographer | Partner in ID Booster